John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Iggy luo of Brooklyn

Iggy luo of Brooklyn

John William Tuohy

Alogna Ignazio AKA Iggy Born 1931.Operative in the Gambino Crime Family Alleged Gambino operative and one time body guard to John Gotti. In 2003, Alonga, a Capo, and a slew of other Colombo associates were indicted on large-scale racketeering charges, with the primary charge resting on the extortion of a Fairfield county Connecticut nightclub owner for $2,000 a month.

Alogna, who claims to have retired to Pocono Lake, Pa., faced up to 20 years in prison in the case but was given six months home confinement and three years’ probation after Alogna said he was a down-on-his-luck retiree and his family's only caregiver.

Stamford Connecticut businessman Harry Farrington ran two successful strip clubs in Stamford, Beamers on Richmond Hill Avenue and Harry O's Café. According to the Stamford Police Department, his businesses were legitimate. No history of prostitution or
Fights.   In 2002, Alogna, 72, came into one of Farrington’s clubs with enforcers
Joseph "Joey Mash" Mascia and his brother John "Johnny Mash" Mascia Jr., and two associates of the Patriarca family, Alfred "Chip" Scivola Jr. and Henry "Hank" Fellela Jr.
"We're taking over the whole East Coast now," Alogna said and demanded $4,000 a month in protection payments from Farrington.

 "You've had a free ride for years," Farrington says Alogna told him, boasting about extorting 50 other New England strip clubs for similar payments. "Come on, you know the routine, you gotta start paying." The money was to be left in an envelope marked
"grocery money" and picked up at the start of each month. If not, he promised, someone would come in and wreck the place, and he could get hurt.

   Farrington went straight to the FBI. The FBI wired him and rigged his club for sound and film. On direction of the FBI, Farrington called Megale for help after Alogna demanded his extortion payments.

   Anthony Megale, the so-called Tony Soprano of Connecticut, was born in Italy and moved to the US as a young man, settling in Connecticut. He became a US citizen and
attended Post University in Waterbury for two years, majoring in recreation. At some point, he moved into the Mob and became the Gambino family illegal gambling guru in Southern New England.

Known for his taste for expensive cashmere and high life style that included a mini-mansion in an upscale house in the picturesque suburbs of North Stamford, Megale met regularly with top-ranking Gambino members from New York.

Megale was a new generation who hood who held his meetings in Starbuck’s, Home Depot, and McDonald’s or anywhere else he felt free from FBI bugs. Megale did a stretch in prison in the 1990s for racketeering, but was soon back in charge of Fairfield County, running a crew of his own men in Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk and Waterbury.

Megale went to Beamers to meet one-on-one with Farrington. On the wiretaps, Megale bragged "They made me the acting underboss of this family. So I'm over everybody."
The two men exchanged updates about their wives and children. Farrington flattered his old acquaintance by asking if he too could join the Gambino family.

"What about me bein' a soldier?" Farrington asked.
"Your father Italian?" replied Megale.
"No, Indian," Farrington said.
"You're probably better than 90 percent of the guys. But if you were Italian..."

   Regarding the extortion payments, Megale was outraged that Alogna, who lived in eastern Pennsylvania, was trying to extort a business in Stamford, Megale's territory.
"I just don't want to be embarrassed," said Megale. "You gonna let a guy from out of town take a guy you know all your life?"

 He explained to Farrington how he got clearance from New York, then sent one of his crew, Angelo Ricco, to deliver a message to Alogna and the others at a roadside diner: "Stay out of Stamford. I've got a message, it's coming from the boss--stay out of Connecticut."

   "I'm going to make this fucking asshole bleed, though," said Megale about Alogna.

And he did, although not literally. According to court documents, Megale used his power as underboss to demote the older man from a captain to soldier. On July 26, 2005 Alogna pleaded guilty to attempted extortion.

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