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Free public college education

 The thirst for adventure is the vent which Destiny offers; a war a crusade a gold mine a new country speak to the imagination and offer swing and play to the confined powers. Emerson
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It's summer and I miss New England and here's one reason why...........

Those Winter Sundays 

By Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden (August 4 1913 –  February 25 1980) was an a poet, essayist and educator. He served as Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress from 1976–78, a role today known as US Poet Laureate. He was the first African-American writer to hold the office.

Sundays too my father got up early 
and put his clothes on in the blueblack cold, 
then with cracked hands that ached 
from labor in the weekday weather made 
banked fires blaze. No one ever thanked him. 

I’d wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking. 
When  the rooms were warm, he’d call, 
and slowly I would rise and dress, 
fearing the chronic angers of that house, 

Speaking indifferently to him, 
who had  driven out the cold 
and polished my good shoes as well. 
What did I know, what did I know 
of love’s austere and lonely offices?

Robert Hayden, “Those Winter Sundays” from Collected Poems of Robert Hayden, edited by Frederick Glaysher. Copyright ©1966 by Robert Hayden. Reprinted with the permission of Liveright Publishing Corporation. Source: Collected Poems of Robert Hayden (Liveright Publishing Corporation, 1985) 

Bernie Sanders's great idea: Free public college education
By Brent Budowsky, columnist, The Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has proposed a formula to create free college education at public universities and finance the program through a small transaction tax on Wall Street trades. This is a powerful, wonderful and profound idea. It should be added to the far-reaching proposals for student loan relief proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and become a major Democratic Party initiative that should be supported by all Democratic candidates for president, included in the Democratic platform at the next Democratic National Convention and serve as a dramatic campaign pledge to elect Democratic candidates for the House and Senate in the 2016 elections.
Sanders is absolutely right. Nothing would do more to bring opportunity to young men and women throughout the nation than to make college education at public universities affordable to all. Warren is absolutely right. It is high time to end the crushing burden of student loan debt that afflicts moms and dads, and their sons or daughters, who are hard-pressed to pay back this crushing debt.
The suggestion by Sanders to finance this program through a small tax on Wall Street transaction would be fair, effective and is supported by a long list of Wall Street reformers and financial industry executives.
Let's give a standing ovation to Bernie Sanders for putting this issue at the forefront of the presidential campaign. Let's give a standing ovation to Elizabeth Warren for making student loan reform and relief a central issue in national politics and Congress. Democrats should take this powerful political issue and this great cause of educational opportunity to the voters in 2016 in a platform that is the right thing to do for the students and their parents and the smart political move to propel Democrats to victory in the 2016 campaign.

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics. Contact him at brentbbi@webtv.net.

 “You can’t think yourself out of a writing block; you have to write yourself out of a thinking block.” John Rogers

Three pieces of news for my writer friends
The 2015 Rattle Poetry Prize
In honor of its 10th anniversary, we’re doubling down: The annual Rattle Poetry Prize now offers $10,000 for a single poem to be published in the winter issue of the magazine. Ten finalists will also receive $200 each and publication, and be eligible for the $2,000 Readers’ Choice Award, to be selected by subscriber and entrant vote.
Additional poems from the entries are frequently offered publication as well. In 2014 we published 22 poems that had been submitted to the contest from almost 3,000 entries.
With the winners judged in a blind review by the editors to ensure a fair and consistent selection, an entry fee that is simply a one-year subscription to the magazine—and now a large Readers’ Choice Award to be chosen by the writers themselves—we’ve designed the Rattle Poetry Prize to be one of the most writer-friendly contests around.

Amazon to pay on pages read
Amazon was using the payment terms in KDP Select to manipulate the supply of ebooks in Kindle Unlimited, and damned if they didn't just do it again.
Amazon has just announced that starting 1 July, they will no longer be paying authors based on the number of times an ebook has been loaned and read in Kindle Unlimited. Instead, the new payment term will be based on the number of pages read.
Ever since KDP Select launched with the Kindle Owner's Lending Library in late 2011, Amazon has counted the number of ebooks which were loaned and read and used that number to divvy up a pool of money. The pool started small, but it has since grown to exceed $10 million in May 2015, and is expected to pass $11 million in July 2015.
That $11 million is going to be divided based the number of pages read, and not the count of whole books.
•           This means, for example, that longer ebooks are going to be worth more than shorter ebooks (assuming that they're read cover to cover).
•           It also means that quality matters more now; if a reader loses interest a third of the way in then the author will not be paid for the rest of the book.
•           And last but not least, this change might make it worthwhile for authors to submit longer novels once again.
Amazon explained that they made this change in response to authors who had been telling Amazon that "paying the same for all books regardless of length may not provide a strong enough alignment between the interests of authors and readers".
That is true.
Hugh Howey is one of the authors who had been pushing for the new terms. He wrote today that the change is "one many of us have been clamoring for and even expecting." He added, "If anything, I’m surprised it took this long."
Later in his post he writes:
I have a feeling we’ll see some knee-jerk reactions from authors without considering these pros and cons. Shorter works still make a lot of sense in KU. It’s hard to justify selling short stories for more than a dollar, and you only make 35 cents on that dollar under KDP terms. In KU, a 20 page story might earn just as much as a sale. What we should celebrate is that short stories will no longer earn the same amount as a novel, especially since the 10% threshold was much easier to reach on a short story. That system just wasn’t fair. The new system is a vast improvement.
I agree.
As I explained over the weekend, the old payment terms had been encouraging authors to submit short works to KDP Select. A short ebook was worth the same as a long one, so authors were writing to suit the market.
And now they're going to have to write to suit a different market. While it is too early to say how this will impact authors, I do think that readers will benefit. They'll be able to enjoy longer stretches of stories without having to switch between one ebook and the next.
The post Amazon Changes Terms for KDP Select, Will Now Pay Authors Based on Pages Read appeared first on Ink, Bits, & Pixels

“Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world. So long as you can sweeten another’s pain, life is not in vain.”Helen Keller

“There is, of course, no avoiding the disillusion that comes to all, when what is taken to be nature is unmasked as rhetoric or ideology or second nature–when we see leading; strings maintained into maturity and becoming bonds or even chains we at best shake a little.”    Geoffrey H. Hartman, Literary Commentary as Literature

“I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.” Kahlil Gibran

A Good Word to Have

Libertine   \LIB-er-teen\ a freethinker especially in religious matters 2 : A person who is unrestrained by convention or morality; specifically : one leading a dissolute life
The word libertine was first used in early writings of Roman antiquity to identify a slave who had been set free (the Roman term for an emancipated slave was the Latin libertus). By the late 1500s, the "freedman" sense of libertine had been extended to refer to freethinkers (both religious and secular); Shakespeare used it to refer to anyone who follows his or her own inclinations. By 1600, though, the term had come to imply that an individual was a little too unrestrained, especially in moral situations. The Latin root of libertine is liber, the ultimate source of our word liberty.

From The Tempest

(Prospero speaks)

Now my charms are all o’erthrown,
And what strength I have ‘s mine own,
Which is most faint.  Let me not,
In this bare island dwell by your spell;
But release me from my bands
With the help of your good hands:
Gentle breath of yours my sails
Must fill, or else my project fails,
Which was to please. Now I want
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant,
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer,
Which pierces so that it assaults
Mercy itself and frees all faults.
As you from crimes would pardoned be,
Let your indulgence set me free.

I'm trying to teach myself Spanish and this is what I learned today;

Rompecabezas: jigsaw puzzle 
Example sentence:
Armar rompecabezas es buen ejercicio para la mente. 

Sentence meaning:
Putting jigsaw puzzles together is a good mental exercise. 

Half the lies they tell about me aren't true.”


Compiled by

John William Tuohy

(Mis)Translated  Movie Titles

"This Hit Man Is Not As Cold As He Thought" -- "The Professional" in Hong Kong.

"Six Stripped Warriors" -- "The Full Monty" in Hong Kong (the title is a Cantonese colloquialism; in Mandrin, it translates to "Six Naked Pigs").

"Mysterious Murder In Snowy Cream" -- "Fargo" in Hong Kong (in Cantonese, "snowy cream" is pronounced "fah go").

"Bright Sun, Just Like Me" -- "Good Will Hunting" in Hong Kong.

"Bright Sun In Heavy Rain" -- "Dead Poets Society" in Hong Kong.

"The Big Liar" -- "Nixon" in Hong Kong.

"Don't Ask Me Who I Am" -- "The English Patient" in Hong Kong.

"Mr. Cat Poop" -- "As Good As It Gets" in Hong Kong.


A truthful, inspirational and uplifting memoir of life in the US foster care system This book is definitely a must for social workers working with children specifically. This is an excellent memoir which identifies the trails of foster children in the 1960s in the United States. The memoir captures stories of joy as well as nail biting terror, as the family is at times torn apart but finds each other later and finds solace in the experiences of one another. The stories capture the love siblings have for one another as well as the protection they have for one another in even the worst of circumstances. I found the book to be a page turner and at times show how even in the hardest of circumstances there was a need to live and survive and make the best of any moment.

This book is a must-read for anyone who administers to the foster care program in any state.This book is a must-read for anyone who administers to the foster care program in any state. this is not a "fell through the cracks" life story, but rather a memoir of a life guided by strength and faith and a hard determination to survive. it is heartening to know that the "sewer" that life can become to steal our personal peace can be fought and our peace can be restored, scarred, but restored.

A captivating, shocking, and deeply moving memoir, No Time to Say Goodbye is a true page turner.A captivating, shocking, and deeply moving memoir, No Time to Say Goodbye is a true page turner. John shares the story of his childhood, from the struggles of living in poverty to being in the foster care system and simply trying to survive. You will be cheering for him all the way, as he never loses his will to thrive even in the darkest and bleakest of circumstances. This memoir is a very truthful and unapologetic glimpse into the way in which some of our most vulnerable citizens have been treated in the past and are still being treated today. It is truly eye-opening, and hopefully will inspire many people to take action in protection of vulnerable children.

I found myself in tears while reading this book.I found myself in tears while reading this book. John William Tuohy writes quite movingly about the world he grew up in; a world in which I had hoped did not exist within the foster care system. This book is at times funny, raw, compelling, heartbreaking and disturbing. I found myself rooting for John as he tries to escape from an incredibly difficult life. You will too!

A compelling story of life in the Ct foster care system. At times disturbing and at others inspirational. I found this book to be a compelling story of life in the Ct foster care system. at times disturbing and at others inspirational ,The author goes into great detail in this gritty memoir of His early life being abandoned into the states system and his subsequent escape from it. Every once in a while a book or even an article in a newspaper comes along that bears witness to an injustice or even something that's just plain wrong. This chronicle of the foster care system is such a book and should be required reading for any aspiring Social Workers.

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