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World Happiness Report favours the cold (and the rich)

Cape Town - The third ever World Happiness Report has been released, and reveals the secrets of what really makes us Earth dwellers warm and fuzzy inside.
2015's report, created by the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network and co-edited by economists John F Helliwell, Richard Layard, and Jeffrey Sachs, shows that not only are the people in countries with more money happier, it also shows that those living further away from the equator as being jollier.
The World Happiness Report, which focuses less on momentary emotions - emotions that change quickly - than on people's evaluations of their lives, taken as a whole, found that GDP per capita was one of the most important explanatory variables in determining national happiness, reports vox.com. 
Along with the wealth factor, it also took into consideration social support (if you have someone in your life you can count on), healthy life expectancy, freedom (answer to the question "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?"), generosity ("Have you donated money to a charity in the past month?"), and government corruption. "Taken together," the authors write, "these six variables explain almost three-quarters of the variation in national annual average ladder scores among countries."
The top 20 countries considered to be the happiest in the world are also coincidentally almost all first world countries, rolling in cash. If you're betting on being happy, it best to travel here in the near future, as it seems that money ultimately can buy you happiness...
The top 20 happiest countries, along with their happiness count in brackets, are:

1. Switzerland (7.587)
2. Iceland (7.561)
3. Denmark (7.527)
4. Norway (7.522)
5. Canada (7.427)
6. Finland (7.406)
7. Netherlands (7.378)
8. Sweden (7.364)
9. New Zealand (7.286)
10. Australia (7.284)
11. Israel (7.278)
12. Costa Rica (7.266)
13. Austria (7.200)
14. Mexico (7.187)
15. United States (7.119)
16. Brazil (6.983)
17. Luxembourg (6.946)
18. Ireland (6.940)
19. Belgium (6.937)
20. United Arab Emirates (6.901)

In contrast, the top 20 unhappiest countries in the world, which their happiness count in brackets, are all concentrated relatively close to the equator. They are:

20. Congo (Brazzaville) (3.989)
19. Comoros (3.956)
18. Uganda (3.931)
17. Senegal (3.904)
16. Gabon (3.896)
15. Niger (3.845)
14. Cambodia (3.819)
13. Tanzania (3.781)
12. Madagascar (3.681)
11. Central African Republic (3.678)
10. Chad (3.667)
9. Guinea (3.656)
8. Ivory Coast (3.655)
7. Burkina Faso (3.587)
6. Afghanistan (3.575)
5. Rwanda (3.465)
4. Benin (3.340)
3. Syria (3.006)
2. Burundi (2.906)

1. Togo (2.839)

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