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Teen's act of kindness towards elderly man goes viral

Christian Trouesdale

A heartwarming act of kindness has taken the internet by storm today and is bringing a smile to countless faces. On April 27 in Horwich, England, 23-year old Samantha-Jayne Brady happened to see Christian Trouesdale, an 18-year-old part-time employee at the local Aldi supermarket, walking an elderly man home with his groceries. Brady was so impressed by Trouesdale's upstanding deed that she asked if she could share it to Facebook. The two agreed and Brady snapped a photo of the pair which has already been shared over 50,000 times all over the world.
The 96-year-old man was shopping at the Aldi where Christian works and asked for some help going home. He was worried about the strong winds and possibly falling, which could prove life threatening to a 96-year-old. Christian was more than happy to oblige, he carried the groceries in one arm and held the elderly man's hand with the other. A week later, the same customer returned to the store and asked for assistance again, Christian of course was happy to help.
The only one who seems to be surprised by any of this is Christian himself, he says he can't believe the reaction the photo is generating. On his Facebook page alone he says he can't even begin to read all the messages he's getting. “One woman posted to my wall from America saying that she wished there were more people in her country like me, it has been really amazing. I went back into Aldi this afternoon and a lady came up and hugged me and said she loved what I had done.”

The short trip from the store to the elderly man's home was a fun experience for both of them according to Christian who said that they talked about everything from elections to the history of the town and that the man seemed to know a lot about everything. Brady said she wanted to share the picture of the two because she feels that there aren't enough positive stories about young people being widely shared these days. Christian's parents say he's shy and doesn't really know how to respond to the sudden outpouring of attention. “It is very strange because this is just something I would normally do, my parents have raised me to treat other people like you want to be treated.” Christian stated.

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