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Happiness Wall brought to Highland

by Hector Hernandez Jr.

Highland resident Heather Ferro saw a birthday wish fulfilled on Friday, March 20, when a Live Happy Happiness Wall was brought to Highland giving Heather, her family, neighbors and other Highland residents a chance to contemplate happy living and make promises for the happiness of others.
The wall was raised for one day as a celebration of happiness as passing citizens were invited to stop at the wall, at Arroyo Verde Elementary School, to write notes about what makes them happy or how they like to make others happy. By lunchtime, the big orange wall was mostly covered in notes from people who had happened to be walking by, heard about the wall on social media or through friends. The notes read with several examples on how to spread happiness including: giving hugs, sharing food or special moments, singing and dancing, making people laugh and sharing the love of God.
When Heather was asked by her son Dominick what she would most like for her fiftieth birthday she knew she wanted a Happiness Wall brought to Highland.
With only 30 walls nationwide the Ferros had to submit an application to bring one to Highland.
"This has been more than I had hoped," Heather said. "We didn't get to advertise much yet we have had more people then we expected."
Heather chose to place the wall at Arroyo Verde because it was close to her home and its the school where her four children attended.
"This is all about giving back and spreading happiness," Dominick said. Dominick was very happy to help his mom bring the wall to his old school. Unfortunately, the Day of Happiness occurred while the school was closed for spring break.
"This wall goes to show that people want to be happy and are willing to spread happiness."
For each note placed on the wall Live Happy makes a $1 donation to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.
Thirty walls raised nationwide and about 40 worldwide help make Live Happy, a nonprofit sister company to Nerium International, the largest donor to Big Brother, Big Sister with about $1 million donated last year.
The walls are raised on March 20 each year to coincide with the United Nation's International Day of Happiness.
"I wanted embrace what our company does in its mission to make people feel
better," said Heather. Heather and Dominick both work for Nerium International.


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