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Photos of my trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is just outside the town of Titusville in Brevard County, Florida. The park is over 14,000 acres and ends at the north gate of the Kennedy Space Center and borders the Canaveral National Seashore. It’s an amazing place, a huge area of beaches (Open to the public) and undisturbed wildlife habitat. Bio Lab Road, as an example, is a narrow six mile dirt road lined on one side (The other side of the road is a bay) by (This is by my estimate) at least a hundred alligators. 



Below is a Manatee, well, the nose of a Manatee. I waited in one spot, without moving, for an hour, to get a shot of him above water and in turn, he waited one hour underwater, for me to go away. He won.

I got a kick out of this bird (Below) He saw me and ran over behind this high grass to hide, as if "He'll never spot me here!"

This turtle was walking along the side of the road when he walked out onto the road, forcing me to stop. So I backed up. He followed me. I backed up some more. He came closer. Finally he walked around the driver side and sat there, looking up at me. I think he figured out the routine as a mean to get tourists to stop and give him food. I didn't have any food, so after a few minutes of staring at each other he turned and left.


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