John William Tuohy lives in Washington DC

Stage Play: The Hannigan's of Beverly. A one page play

A one page play in five scenes

Winner, 2008 one page play contest Chicago Irish-American Heritage Center


Padrig  O’Hannigan

Male. An Irish immigrant, a railroad worker, between age 16 but under age 27
Biddy O’Hannigan
Female. An Irish immigrant, a scrub woman
Patsy O’Hannigan
Male. A street thug , an American with a slight Irish accent
Patrick J. Hannigan
Male. An American
Prof. Pat Hannigan
Male. An American

A bare stage

Present time/ time appropriate to dialogue

SCENE #1: Padrig O’Hannigan (TIRED BUT BEMUSED)  
My name is Padrig O’Hannigan and I hail from the beauty of Gal-way where God has forsaken us the devil hunger has level us good. So, I come to a Chicago in Illinois America, tis the last place in Ireland an Irish man can find an opportunity.  When I come to America, I though the streets was paved with gold! Now I see are they not only paved with gold, they ain’t paved at all, and by God! They expects me to pave them! I’ll work on the Illinois Central for a dollar a day. Death here on the line is quick and that’s the best you can say for it. Explosion, diseases and exhaustion will kill most of us (STOPS AND LOOKS DOWN) Eye, it’s true, there’s an Irishman buried beneath every rail and tie. I died at the age 27. The cholera killed me. I left behind a wife Biddy and

SCENE #2:  Biddy O’Hannigan (HANDS ON HIPS)
Seven children. I done me best to feed and clothe and bring’em up the proper way. Didn’t I, Bitsy O’Hannigan, scrub, on me own hands and knees, every marble floor they have on Michigan Avenue? A thousand times if I cleaned em once! I done the best I could and thar was never, not once a day them children didn’t see a meal on the table as poor as the portions might be. They all done good fer themselves but I worry about me Patsy roam’n the streets the way he does with them hooigans, what tis it they call themselves, the Hell some thin...

SCENE #3: Patsy O’Hannigan (LOUD, COCKY, CONFRONTATIONAL, HANDS ON HIPSHannigan Hellcats! Under the leadership of my-self, Patsy O’Hannigan (HE BOWS)  Ain’t noth’n do’n in dis neighborhood wid out my say so. We’re 500 strong on our worst day and we rule from Washtenaw to Vanderpoel. We gots our fingers in every pie  (BEAT) except the selling of the flesh because of the sin in it. We ain’t no barbarians you know. You see me com’n, boy’o, ya better step aside, cause ya strike me and ya strike 500! (BEAT, TONED DOWN) Some day, things will be different. I got a boy, smart as a whip he is...Patrick, he’s called Patrick...Patrick Jospeh   

SCENE #4: Honest Patrick Joseph Hannigan (A CONFIDENT AMERICAN)
Honest Patrick Joseph Hannigan! Remember my dear friends! A vote for Honest Patrick Joseph Hannigan for Council is a vote for yourself! (BEAT) What’s that? (HE LEANS FORWARD WITH CUPPED EAR, STOPS PUTS HIS HAND SON HIS HIPS) Oh, you disapprove do you? You call me a ward heeler and a boss. Of course, if I were one of you’s, with your blue blood and all, you’d call me a great civic leader! Say what you will, and I’m sure you will, me and mine made Chicago the city that works, by God! 

SCENE #5: Professor Pat Hannigan
Good evening, welcome to the University of Chicago’s English as a second language. My name is Pat Hannigan, Professor Hannigan if you will, please. Today, we shall discuss fibers and tapestry. The great tapestry that is America and the fabric is you and I. Now my fabric happens to be green, but how about you Mister...how is that pronounced? Is it   
Rudnicki? It is? Okay Mister Rudnicki, tell us of your fabric sir....who are you? And how did you get here?