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BackGround: The Pazzi

   The Pazzi family were Tuscan nobles who were bankers in Florence in the 14th century. They are now best known for the "Pazzi conspiracy" to assassinate Lorenzo and Giuliano de' Medici on April 26, 1478.
    Lesser rivals of the Medici, the Pazzi were caught up in a conspiracy to replace the Medici as de facto rulers of Tuscany with Girolamo Riario, a nephew of Francesco della Rovere, who was reigning as Pope Sixtus IV. Power politics, often ruthless in the Italian Renaissance, were the main motive.
    The Pazzi family was not the instigators. The Salviati, Papal bankers in Florence, were at the center of the conspiracy. Sixtus was an enemy of the Medici. He had purchased the lordship of Imola, a stronghold on the border between Papal and Tuscan territory that Lorenzo wanted for Florence. The purchase was financed by the Pazzi bank, even though Francesco dei Pazzi had promised Lorenzo they would not aid the Pope. As a reward, Sixtus granted the Pazzi monopoly at the alum mines at Tolfa — alum being an essential mordant in dyeing in the textile trade that was central to the Florentine economy — and he assigned to the Pazzi bank lucrative rights to manage Papal revenues. Sixtus appointed his nephew Girolamo Riario as the new governor of Imola, and Francesco Salviati as archbishop of Pisa, a city that was a former commercial rival but now subject to Florence. Lorenzo ordered Pisa to exclude Salviati from his See.
     Salviati and Francesco de' Pazzi put together a plan to assassinate Lorenzo and Giuliano de' Medici. Riario himself remained in Rome. The plan was widely known: the Pope was reported to have said "I support it — as long as no one is killed." In 2004, an encrypted letter in the archives of the Ubaldini family was discovered by Marcello Simonetta, a historian at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and decoded. It revealed that Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, a condottiere for the Papacy who was deeply embroiled in the conspiracy, committed himself to position 600 troops outside Florence, waiting for the moment.
     On Sunday, April 26, 1478, during High Mass at the Duomo before a crowd of 10,000, Giuliano de' Medici was stabbed 19 times by a gang that included a priest, and bled to death on the cathedral floor. His brother Lorenzo escaped with serious, but non life-threatening wounds. He appeared shortly after, locked safely in the sacristy by the humanist Poliziano. A coordinated attempt to capture the Gonfaloniere and Signoria was thwarted when the archbishop and the head of the Salviati clan were trapped in a room whose doors had a hidden latch. The coup d'état failed, and the enraged Florentines seized and killed the conspirators. Jacopo de' Pazzi was tossed from a window, finished off by the mob, and dragged naked through the streets and thrown into the Arno River. The Pazzi family were stripped of their possessions in Florence, every vestige of their name effaced. Salviati was hanged on the walls of the Palazzo della Signoria. Although Lorenzo appealed to the crowd not to exact summary justice, many of the conspirators, as well as many people accused of being conspirators, were killed. Lorenzo did manage to save the nephew of Sixtus IV, Cardinal Raffaele Riario, who was almost certainly an innocent dupe of the conspirators, as well as two relatives of the conspirators. The main conspirators were hunted down all over Italy; A wider retribution by Lorenzo, including hundreds of killings, is a myth.
    In the actual aftermath of the so-called "Pazzi" conspiracy, the Della Rovere Pope placed Florence under interdict, forbidding Mass and communion, for the execution of the Salviati archbishop. Sixtus enlisted the traditional Papal military arm, the King of Naples, Ferdinand I, to attack Florence. With no help coming from Florence's traditional allies in Bologna and Milan, only Lorenzo's diplomacy saved the day. He sailed to Naples and put himself in the hands of Don Ferrante, who held him captive for three months before releasing him with gifts. Lorenzo's courage and his Machiavellian realpolitik showed Don Ferrante that the Pope would turn against him if he were too successful in the North.


Ace Buddy: Best friend; backup
Águila: Keep your eyes open, an eagle (eagle eyes)  
A ghetto star: A gangster
Answer up, Blood:  Stop talking that way and show respect
A toda madre  (ATM) Fantastic, great
Banked, banker: A person with a great deal of liquid cash to put up for various criminal operations
Blood in Blood out: A term for being inside the Mexican Mafia
Cabulear: Crap
Chavalo: Kid, punk
Cholo: Negative word for a South American Indian
Clica: A gang inside a larger organization
Con safos: In the sense used in the play is “Fuck you if you don’t like it”
Curb service: Herion street sales
Carnala: In the sense of this play, a drag queen
Double O.G: Second generation Mafia
Do an Al-Qaeda: Murder without warning
Descuéntate. Beat it, get lost
Don’t bone out on me: Don’t run away
El Morte: Dead
Ese: Pal, my friend, Dude
Escuche mi: Listen to me
Es llevanate: He’s right, he is correct. 
Es bronca: A lot of trouble, slang, a women who starts gossip.
Green light: The Okay to murder
Heffa: Boss, straw boss
Indios: Negative word for a Mexican Indian
Llevanate: Be cool, calm down
Only you come with power: With muscle
Our ride: Driver, or car
Mamalón: Wonderful
Mayata mojado: Stupid Black Indian
Mijo: My son
MSB: Money, sex, bitches 
No hay pedo: It’s not a problem 
Nuttin but gangster: Being a real to the code
Panocha: A man who molests boys 
Pays rent: Required to answer to a certain gang
Post up: Wait
Primo: Uncle
Que Paso: What’s this about?
Road Dog: A reliable guy from the neighborhood
Rockerfella: To kill, to rock to sleep(Die)
Roosters: Members of the Blood gang based in LA
Sureno: Gangsters who just arrived from Mexico
Tú me estás jodiendo: You have to be joking
Tú solo hablas paja: You speak nonsense
Vato: Punk, a prison homosexual
We hold’n aces: We’re unarmed
Queen: Woman inside the Mexican Mafia
Sit Down: A meeting to end a dispute
Su Clica Medici es carateristica de Nuestra Familia: Your gang is a part of this Mafia Family
Sweet kid: A person taken under a bosses care, under his wing, a protected student

The Pazzi Conspiracy
A ten-minute play


Francesco della Rovere AKA El Papa

Male. Head of the de Nuestra Familia, the Mexican Mafia

Lorenzo Medici AKA The Banker

Male. Head of the Medici gang, or clica which answers to El Papa

Francesco Salviati, AKA the Archbishop

Male. El Papa’s nephew

Francesco Pazzi

Male. A capo, leader in the Pazzi clica

Jacopo Pazzi

Male. Leader of the Pazzi clica

Gian Battista Montesecco

Male. A solider in the Medici clica

Girolamo Riario, the Count

Nephew to El Papa

Giuliano Medici

Lorenzo’s brother


A hood in the Medici Clica

Father Stefano

Serves mass on Easter

Francesco Nori

A Medici clica hood.


A Mexican restaurant in LA. Wearing sunglasses, Lorenzo Medici enters with his
Brother Giuliano. Walking three feet behind them is Francesco Nori. El Papa stands to greet them. Sitting at the table is Jacopo and Francesco Pazzi and Francesco Salviati, AKA the Archbishop and Girolamo Riario.

El Papa
Lorenzo Medici, my dear and trusted friend!

They embrace, while padding each other for a weapon.

Lorenzo Medici
You all know my brother, Giuliano and our guy, Francesco Nori

El Papa
Why do you insult us like this?

Lorenzo Medici (Looks surprised but he understands)

El Papa
I call you in for a sit down. You. I call you. Not your brother, not your Ace Buddy Francesco Nori. You. And what do you do? You bring your brother and you bring muscle. I got nobody here.  Pazzi got nobody here. Only you come with power.

Lorenzo Medici
El Papa, in all due respect, my brother is part of the business and Francesco is our ride We hold’n aces.

El Papa (To Francesco Nori)
Post up outside

Lorenzo Medici (To Francesco Nori)
Go ahead. no hay pedo Huh? (Whispers) águila 

Francesco Nori
Lorenzo.... Tú me estás jodiendo!

Lorenzo Medici
No, El Papa’s right. Go wait outside. Es llevanate 

Exit Francesco Nori

El Papa
Okay, you know my nephew, Francesco Salviati from Baldwin Hills

Lorenzo Medici (Francesco Salviati stands, they shake hands)
Sure, the Archbishop, how you do’n? 

Francesco Salviati
MSB, Heffa

El Papa
And over there we got Jacopo de' Pazzi, and his nephew Francesco from over by you in Arlington Park

Lorenzo (The Pazzi’s stand. Lorenzo doesn’t extend his hand)

El Papa
And my other nephew Girolamo, ‘The Count of curb service’, man.

Lorenzo (The Count stands. They shake hands)
Tú me estás jodiendo! Everybody knows the count. How you do’n?

The Count
Nuttin but gangster

El Papa (As he sits and signals Lorenzo to sit)
Let’s get down to it alright? You closed off Florence and Mid-Town to my nephew Girolamo. I gave him Mid-Town. I moved out the Imola Brothers and moved him in...you embarrass me on the streets. You want to explain this?

Lorenzo Medici
I embarrass you? Tú me estás jodiendo!  The Medici Clica has always had approval over

El Papa
Primo. Don’t act like you from nowhere. Su Clica Medici es  carateristica de Nuestra Familia... You are a part of our family...and don’t you ever forget that Heffa

Lorenzo Medici (Doesn’t want to fight now, holds open his palms)
I won’t

El Papa (Standing tall)
It sounds like you just did, Mijo

Lorenzo Medici
Mijo? I ain’t you boy. llevanate huh?  (Beat) The Medici Clica has always had approval over who gets the juice in Mid-Town and now you waltz out of bote, the joint, joint and all of sudden your nephew...no disrespect to you Count....he’s call’n the shots over there. You go to war with the Imola Brothers and you don’t tell nobody? We didn’t give no green light on that. You should have cleared this with us. Today, I find out that after...what?...twenty years, that my family ain’t gonna be the bank no more? You replace us with these Cholo’s.  

Francesco Pazzi (Stands, head tilted)

Giuliano Medici stands (Stands, head tilted)
Yeah cholo, Indios

El Papa (Slamming his fists on the table)
Sit down! Both of yous! (To Lorenzo) Don’t pro-vack-a-tate no trouble, Lorenzo.

Jacopo Pazzi (To Lorenzo Medici)
You tell Beatrice Borromeo that she can’t marry my son Giovanni?

Giuliano Medici
Her old man worked with us, the Queen is double O.G., so she pays rent to us. You know the rules. Why we got to explain this? He’s just after her old man’s money anyway 

El Papa
I’m ruling against that. She wants to hook up with Giovanni, then that’s how it is.

Tú me estás jodiendo! You side with Pazzi because they banked you do’n the Rambo
on the Imola Brothers and I wouldn’t.

El Papa
You should have banked me! What right you got not bank’n me if I want to make a move against the Imola’s? You got Niccolo Vitelli and Citta di Castello from Prima Flats eyeball’n that territory! You know what happens I don’t move on it? Vitelli and Castello moves on it. And then what? What, you think they’re gonna stop at Mid-Town? Well they ain’t! They ain’t gonna stop till they 187 everybody who’s not with them

The Pazzi should have consulted with us before they got you the cash, we’re the bankers not them!

The Pope
Consult with you. Well that’s rich! Why? So you could be sure the loan ain’t made?
You know how you make me look? My own banker don’t back me up!

Lorenzo (Pointing to Francesco Pazzi)
Francesco Pazzi, himself promised me that he 

El Papa (Smirking)
That he would not make the loan. (He shrugs) A ghetto star lied to a bad guy. Go figure.

Lorenzo Medici
Florence borders Mid-Town, what happens there concerns our continued safety as an organization, we hold down on Mid-Town. I got no problem you take out the Imola Brothers, but you should have talked to us first

El Papa (Pointing a finger at Lorenzo)
Don’t red eye me, boy. You wouldn’t make the loan to help me take out the Imola’s
There were other ways to handle this, Ese. You give a green light on them, in front of their families? Que Paso? Like we was Roosters!

El Papa
Blood in Blood out, mea primo. How do you think Sureno’s like Nicky Vitelli and Citta di Castello gonna handle you? And me? And everyone else here? Like this! BANG! Two in the head. At least I did something, in business they call what I did preventive...somethin...medicine somethin. I got obligations here...you talk about protecting your borders....my borders are bigger
Tú solo hablas paja, Huh? Once again, we have accomplished nothing but to walk in circles. Cabulear! (He throws up his hands and stands)

Giuliano Medici stands

El Papa (Standing and blocking their exit)
Escuche mi, Chavalo!

I told you before, Ese, I ain’t your boy. (Blows the room a kiss) Always and forever.

The Medici exit.

The Pope
Con safos! Esto Ahora termina. That swata that just top his own ass. This ends now.

El Papa exits

Place: Inside the same restaurant. Gian Battista Montesecco, AKA the solider, enters. Francesco Salviati, Francesco and Jacopo Pazzi, stand to greet him, then they all sit.

Francesco Pazzi
Montesecco the solider. We are privileged you should agree to meet us. You have served the Medici a long time. And yet you are not rich. The Medici are rich.

Montesecco(Mouth open, he’s stupid)
Que Paso?

Jacopo Pazzi
A direct man. I like that. Okay, what we want is to make you a rich and powerful man. But first, you do a mission. You do an Al-Qaeda on Lorenzo Medici and his brother Giuliano, this Easter. (Drags his finger across his throat) Morte, you understand?


Francesco Pazzi
Why? Who are you to ask why? Answer up, Blood (Beat) Carnala

If you want me to dance a black top on a boss, I’m gonna axe why. (Beat) Panocha 

Jacopo Pazzi (Motions Francesco to stop talking)
Okay, you’re right. Llevanate.  Medici es bronca, huh? Medici is trouble for all of. We don’t like their hold over Florence. We don’t like the way they run their business and stick their noses in the business affairs of other in our Nuestra Familia.

Francesco Salviati
We need somebody inside the Familia Medici to rise up the membership. After we strike, we need someone strong, someone smart, someone like you, Montesecco, to make sure we have Medici’s people behind us. We don’t want no civil war. And they will get behind. I’m sure of it.

Montesecco (Mouth open, he’s stupid)
Why? Why would our people stand for yous, from outside the barrio, Nuestra Familia.
or not? Even if I go with yous, they need more than that.

Francesco Pazzi
Because we got El Papa and the entire organization behind, all of East LA.

Montesecco (Mouth open, he’s stupid)
Then why do you need me? I’m just a solider.

Francesco Salviati
Like we say, you Road Dog, you a strong man. Your inside the Medici operation. Your time has come. When you make them ghosts (Shrugs) we gonna need somebody in Florence. You that man, Heffa.

Montesecco (He’s stupid and slow, he considers it)
And El Papa is with yous?

Salviati (Points to the door) 
Why don’t you ask him yourself?


El Papa enters  Montesecco  stands respectfully.

Montesecco (Nods his head in respect)
Ole, El Papa. Me Heffa

El Papa signals him to sit sits with him.

The Pope (To Salviati and Pazzi)
Descuéntate. Beat it, get lost

They leave.

El Papa (Rubs Montesecco’s neck)
You gonna be mayata mojado your whole life? (Raises a finger) Ponte las pilas! 
Aliviane, help me with these perrucha Medici and you gonna be my sweet kid on the street. I give you Florence. (Snaps his finger) It’s yours. But firs you gotta do this thing for me, for your Familia

Montesecco (Mouth open)
A toda madre! ATM. You want me to give them the putazo, I give them the putazo 
El Papa, then they ghosts. Always and forever. Por Vida!

Pope (turning very cold)
I said nothing of murder nor do I know anything of murder! You must have misunderstood me. (He lowers his voice) I ain’t gonna get rolled up for conspiracy cause some soflon talked to 50. That ain’t gonna happen. Nobody say nothin about no Rockerfella on Medici, they end up scrapbook (He shrugs wide) Then I don’t know nothin about that. You understand?

Montesecco nods, Mouth open

Say the words ‘El Papa knows nothing of murder of the brothers Medici’

Montesecco (Mouth open, he’s stupid)
El Papa knows nothing of murder of the brothers Medici.

Pope (Cups Montesecco’s face)
Mamalón! You gonna be a rich man, solider.  I already sent Francesco to see them to tell Medici that the Pazzi, those miclo mojado, want do a another sit down, this time to work it down for good. But first they gonna go to Easter mass to seal the deal before God. What you gotta do for us is make sure Lorenzo and his brother is at mass. 


At the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Lorenzo and Giuliano Medici are there with Francesco Nori.  Montesecco stands guard at the door. Standing in back of them are Jacopo de' Pazzi, and his nephew Francesco and Girolamo, ‘The Count’.

Salviati (Shakes hands all around)
Lorenzo, Giuliano, I can’t go with you to mass. My mother, she’s ill.  But I’m glad we got this worked out. Now we get down to business. (He points to the altar) We seal this before the eyes of God huh? 

Stopping to genuflect, he exits. Francesco Pazzi slips out and stands next to Montesecco and hand shim a knife

Francesco Pazzi (whispering)
El Papa wants their throats slit. Kill them, here, now.

Montesecco (Whispering)
In a church? Are you crazy?

Francesco Pazzi (whispering)
Don’t bone out on me now Vato. No seas maricón

Montesecco (Whispering)
Me la clavaron. Not in a church

Francesco Pazzi (whispering)
Eres una marica! dale gas! Descuéntatelo! 

Montesecco (Whispering)

He leaves the church

Francesco Pazzi (whispering)
Chavala! Puñal! 

Francesco returns to his pew and hands a knife to Girolamo. They hide the knifes in their sleeves. A bell rings

Priest (From the altar)
Ite missa est. Go, it is over.

Francesco Pazzi (screaming)
Rifamos!  Now and forever!

Francesco Pazzi suddenly stabs Giuliano in the chest, he falls dead. Girolamo stabs Lorenzo in the neck wounding him. Francesco Nori leaps in front of Lorenzo and Francesco Pazzi and Girolamo stab him dead. Lorenzo escapes.


In the Medici office

Lorenzo (Bleeding and staggering)
We’re going to war.

The clica is ready, Heffa. Forever and always!

The street

Jacopo Pazzi
Francesco? Is that you?

Francesco Pazzi (limping and bleeding)
Tio! I came to warn you. The whole thing fell apart. Montesecco didn’t do no work, the Medici clica stayed with Lorenzo Medici, especially after they found out we whacked his brother in the church. Get out while you can, Tio. Go to New York, Mexico City. Just leave

Jacopo Pazzi
Despasio! We still got the Archbishop, Salviati, he gonna do us a miracle and bring over Medici’s captains

Francesco Pazzi
No Tio. The captains got warned about the church. They took Salviati and his men hostage. They dead.

Jacopo Pazzi
El Papa said he would send his platoons when the time is right.

Francesco Pazzi
They was here. They left because the whole thing was supposed to be a surprise. It’s over Tio.


Medici’s office.

We got them outside. (hesitant) Ah,.....We had Jacopo Pazzi. They found him Vegas last week.

Where is he?

Palle (Reluctantly)
He tried to escape, they beat him. They broke his back...by mistake,...he couldn’t walk no more

Lorenzo (Growing angry)
Where is he?

Palle (Reluctantly)
Broken back no broken back, he had a mouth on him Heffa. So, the boys....they cut his head off. They hung the body from the Signory tower. I’m sorry, Heffa, the boys meant good by it. You want me to bring in the others? 

Lorenzo nods, tiredly. Francesco Pazzi and Salviati are brought in, bound.

Your uncle is dead. There was nothing I could do. I formed a council of eight, Big Boys from Boyle Heights, Arroya Seco, Montecito Heights, University Hills, Lincoln Heights, Garvanza and Eagle Rock. We’re concerned for what has happened in de Nuestra Familia. The council has decided you gotta die. But Pazzi, I want you to know this before you die. I want you to know that the Clica Medici is taking your territory and everything else; furniture, cash, jewelry and clothing, everything. Anybody who owed a debt
to the Pazzi now owed those same debts to me. Any members of the Clica Pazzi who want to stay in LA have to change their names that includes the women too. (To Palle)
Shoot them and hang their bodies from the tower. I want everyone in East LA to understands what happens when you come against the clica Medici.

Pazzi and Salviati and led out. Palle returns with a bound Montesecco

We found him in Mexico. He made a complete confession.

Not complete. You were a trusted solider in this family. And they turn your head for chump change? (Beat)  Give me the name. Give me the name of El Papa. You tell it to me, you tell it to the Council of Eight. Tell us how he ordered this thing and I will spare your miserable life.

El Papa knows nothing of murder of the brothers Medici

Okay, well....(Sighs) he will  know much of your death, Chip Dog. (Beat) You a stand up guy Montesecco. It’s to bad it’s for the wrong reason. (To Palle) Chop his head off. Dip it in wax and send it to El Papa.


A Mexican restaurant in LA. Lorenzo sits across from El Papa

You declare war on your own Familia?

El Papa
Its not war. It’s a lesson.

You throw me out of the Familia

El Papa (Nodding)
Yeah, you excommunicated, Chico. And I ‘m taking Florence for my own.

In the meantime, you make it hot,  our boys dance the blacktop on the street, Casper’n each other ...our own Blood...our own Familia.....the Prima Flats boys, Nicky Vitelli and Citta di Castello move in on our operations in Mid-Town. There has got to be another answer, Papa.

El Papa
And I think you got one, Ese. Go ahead. What’s your answer for what you done?

Lorenzo lifts a suitcase on to the desk. El Papa opens it. 

My gift to you. Business is business Papa. Let the past go. We got business to take care of. 

El Papa
Lorenzo Medici, my dear and trusted friend!

They embrace, while padding each other for a weapon.